end of THE silence


In 2016, after roughly a 2 year hiatus, Luck & Senses announced our return to writing and recording new material and titled the project END OF THE SILENCE, a project made possible by the crowd funding efforts of Lisa's sister, Jane, and the many fabulous humans who contributed to it.

Life is a funny —and sometimes not— winding path that can often lead down unexpected paths, fork to new opportunities and always, always teach us new lessons if we listen. We had all of that over the last 2 years— all good things we want you to know— but sure, challenges, shifting priorities and completely unexpected new ventures took us for a ride. Needless to say this wasn't the timeline we came out of the gate expecting, but it's what unfurled from that point nevertheless. On the blog page we share a little more detail around where we've been since 2016 if you're curious.

We're thrilled to finally announce the first 2 songs from what will eventually be the collection of music called END OF THE SILENCE. We'll stagger their release beginning today, May 13, 2018. These songs have some serious marination behind them. They've steeped and stewed, been shelved and dusted off, with slight reinvention each time. For us, it's been every bit worth the journey, the time, and the waiting to get where we finally did with them and we hope you connect with some of what we're about now. 

Love & Music,

Lisa and Andy

Luck & Senses


Based in Brooklyn, Luck & Senses is the musical lovechild of singer-songwriter, Lisa Jubilee and guitarist, Andy Barbera. The wife/husband team blend formal training with homegrown craft to form a sound that combines indie rock, Americana and roots music with hints of "other". They've returned to the studio in 2018 after a prolonged absence to begin recording their 3rd project, “End of the Silence”.

Luck & Senses write and perform as an acoustic duo and record as a band with the support of drummer/percussionist Jeremiah Fox. Live, the band has take numerous shapes over the years but most recently features Lisa's brother Glenn Jubilee on electric bass. 

Luck & Senses have previously released two recordings, 2010’s Chapter 1 and 2013’s Speed of Life.


Vocals, Lyrics / Lisa Jubilee
Guitar / Andy Barbera
Percussion / Jeremiah Fox



End of the Silence

by Luck & Senses