Happy Mother's Day!

We're super excited to share "You're Home" today, on Mother's Day 2018. This song marks our return to releasing new music, and is the first installment of our project, kicked off over 2 years ago, called End of the Silence. It's a love song about finding true peace with another. This could be a parent, a lover, a child, a pet or a friend. We won't tell you who to love or how to love but we will say if you have love with someone that feels like HOME in your heart, this song is for you.

On our home page we reference the funny —and sometimes not— winding path that life can often lead us down. We experienced all sorts of unexpected, and sometimes derailing, life plot-twists that contributed to the delay in making music for this project. Here are a few highlights:

For most of 2016-2017, Andy split his time between Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley to be near his teen-age son, who relocated there with his mom and family at age 10. Hindsight being 20/20, the stupidity of allowing this to transpire became increasingly obvious throughout the Middle School years and the emotional impact on both father and son needed serious mitigation. This was prioritized above all else and with good results. That same son will graduate HS soon and move to California in the Fall to pursue his undergraduate degree. 

Also In 2017, a new child came onto the picture. NOT literally, but as an idea born of Lisa's creative genius as a holistic nutritionist. Andy watched in awe as she applied her unique mix of patience and intensity into developing an edible creation for healthy AND delicious enjoyment. He jumped on board as soon as they recognized the opportunity for what it was and together, like their music making, they've developed Keto-Snaps® into an emerging brand in the clean food / Ketogenic lifestyle space. 

There are a million little stories and subplots within those 2 years. Possibly some might sneak into a song one day, but those are the biggies. A massive thank you goes out to all of you who made this possible and then patiently waited (or quite possibly forgot). We'll be keeping you updated on our project through this blog and in the meantime our first song, You're Home, is up and ready for you to give it a listen. 

There will be more music coming soon!

Andy & Lisa | Luck & Senses

Kitchen & MMNY

Sakura Matsuri : Park Slope Brooklyn

Sakura Matsuri : Park Slope Brooklyn

Hi All!

We have two pieces of news to share. 


First off, in regard to our End of The Silence project that many of you so generously helped crowd fund: We are making progress. We're taking the time to thoroughly work the material through before recording and are focused now on developing demo versions to work ideas out.

On the note of life balance, we were seriously set back in the months of March-April due to a major kitchen renovation at the house. Andy spent nearly every free moment, weekends and evenings, pretty much single-handedly performing the renovation. Andy's son, Dante, was a huge help laying the new flooring and assisting with the precarious cutting of the counter tops, but aside from the help of a plumber to move a hot water line, the rest was some down home DIY of the first order. We are super happy to say it's complete (well, ok, backsplash, toe kicks and the ventilation hood are pending...) and came out looking great! It's a huge improvement to the house and feels so good to have done, but it came with a serious toll to our music making time (not to mention Andy's right hand nails...toast). With this behind us now we have our eyes set on the project again.

Below are some photos of the old vs new. Click through to see the images.


Our second piece of news is that we'll be performing live as a duo as part of Make Music NY! We've been wanting to participate in this wonderful event for a few years and finally were in a position to line it up. We'll be playing a 30-minute set in front of our cherished neighborhood clean food source, Flatbush Food Coop, on Tuesday June 21, at 5:30 pm. If you're around, stop by! 

Flatbush Food Co-op, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, Ny

Flatbush Food Co-op, Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, Ny

For those who may not be familiar, Make Music New York is a live, free musical celebration on June 21, the longest day of the year, with over 1,200 concerts on streets, sidewalks, and parks across the five boroughs. MMNY takes place simultaneously with similar festivities in more than 700 cities around the world – a global celebration of music making. We are psyched to be a part of this wonderful, free, community celebration of music in all its various forms and levels of creation. Straight up good vibes!

More to come as we gain traction on both of these. 


A Fantasy Come True


It came to me early last year while heading into work on the Q train, that someday I would love to record a collection of songs that exemplify the multitude of musicians and singer/songwriters who have had the greatest impact on me as a singer and lyricist. Of course that would require volumes and volumes of tracks, but this was just a fantasy at the time. Plus, Luck & Senses hadn’t been active for a good year or so, primarily due to the Luck portion of the duo (Andy) needing to commit much of his free time to his new day job. But I kept focusing on this idea and even gave it a name (End of the Silence) and thought, just set the intention and who knows how life will unfold.

Well, fast forward to this January and my vision was beginning to morph into a potential reality. Andy had reached the breaking point of denial as a musician and was ready to fit music back into our world one way or another. And when my sister Jane asked me what I wanted for my big birthday gift this year, there was nothing but music on my mind. I shared my End of the Silence vision with her and the GoFundme Luck & Senses campaign emerged. 

So, a gigantic thank you goes out to Jane and all of our fabulous friends and supporters who are making it possible for us to create and share music with you once again.

We are thrilled to announce that two very talented musicians, Jeremiah Fox and J. Granelli will be joining us on this project and we’re heading into the rehearsal studio in the very near future.  

We couldn’t be doing any of this right now without you, so thank you for coming on this journey with us and check back soon, for we'll be keeping you in the loop as our project unfolds.

~ Luck & Senses